Best desks for remote workers

Since each home office is different, we'll walk you through some of the best desks for every space and budget.  You'll find three desk types: standard, converter, and sit-stand.  Most desks below allow for standing in some capacity; it's an easy way to break up the work day and ensure you're not slouching.

Ordered by price, low to high.

For the more cost-conscious remote workers.

ReadyDesk 2: $159.99 (converter)
ReadyDesk cites "Scandinavian minimalism" as inspiration, and uses simple design and Birch wood to create easy-to-assemble desk solutions. This one is lightweight but will still support up to 75 lbs, making it a viable option if you want to keep your current desk but stand on occasion.

IKEA Arkelstorp: $319.00 (standard)
IKEA is known for value and this desk has plenty. This is one of the few IKEA desks that has a deep enough desktop for monitors and other work items - at about 55x27' - and desk drawers for added storage. Several IKEA desks in addition to the Arkelstorp are popular with gamers, frequently seen on the r/Battlestations subreddit.

IKEA Bekant: $349.00 (standard)
We had a good experience with the Bekant; it had lots of desktop space and was a lot sturdier than other desks at this price point might be. Like the IKEA desk listed above, it's one of the best values in this guide, considering that it's 63x31.5". Plus, it comes with an under-desk net, which helps with cord management. White desktop versions are priced slightly lower at $329.00.

VariDesk Pro Plus 30: $375.00 (converter)
Vari, formerly VariDesk, has a full line of converters and desks; this one is close to their entry level. It's compact and much more affordable than the larger converters; ideal for a small space that you want to add some height to, whether you're using a laptop with a small stand or keeping a monitor on top.

Branch Standing Desk: $629.00+ (sit-stand)
The Branch offering is high quality across the board, but there are two things to call attention to. First, this standing desk goes higher than any I've seen - it fits people up to 6'8" comfortably. Second, they have packages with their chairs that allow you to save money when you buy a desk + chair.

Fully Jarvis: $719.00+ (sit-stand)
The Jarvis is one of the most popular sit-stand desks on the market today, and for good reason: they have a huge range of desk options, they're easy to assemble, and the reviewers all rave about the quality. Whether you want a small laminate desktop or a large one made of wood, you'll get a long-lasting standing desk solution with the Jarvis.

HerDesk: $1,097 (standard)
Even though it's temporarily discontinued, we're leaving this here as a placeholder so you'll know where to find them. The original desk almost had too many amazing features to list, including whiteboard desktop, wireless charging, and an under-desk hook. It's a woman-owned business, made with women in mind: read more about the founder, Dana, and the company origin here.

Mojo Executive: $1,249.99+ (sit-stand)
MojoDesk has a full line of sit-stand desks, but the Mojo Executive desk stands out. It has a unique L-shaped curve, zero bounce or wobble in the desk, and a beveled edge for wrist & forearm support. In addition to desks, they also have slick cable management solutions, and over a dozen add-on accessories.

Evodesk Limited: $1,273.00+ (sit-stand)
Evodesk was referred to as the "Lamborghini of standing desks" by Entrepreneur magazine. Their feature that stands out most among high-end, customizable standing desks, is the Bluetooth connectivity to iOS or Android devices. You can receive notifications and statistics on your phone, to set and track goals for standing vs. sitting during your workday. Check out their 3D Online Builder to see which combination is your favorite.

Uplift Desk V2: $599+ (sit-stand)
The Uplift Desk has been a leader in standing desks for a while now. Very similar to Fully, they have a wide range of options that could fit a variety of home office spaces and desktop needs. I've bought these twice and don't have any complaints.

Romi Design Evolve: $2,295.00+ (sit-stand)
Most of the popular sit-stand desks on the market are missing storage. Rocket Mission's line of desks addresses that. Their Evolve desk has three full drawers so you can keep your desktop as clear as possible. The Rocket Mission desks actually use the Jarvis adjustable base from Fully, but they also provide the option to only purchase the desktop, without the base - if you already have drawers or another stand for your desk.

Beflo Tenon Adjustable Desk: $2,499.00+ (sit-stand)
We found Beflo at the SXSW Expo and couldn't look away. It's a beautiful yet functional desk, made of high quality wood and aluminum for a very stable product. They were even letting expo attendees sit on the desk as it moved up and down! With an OLED touch screen, mood lighting, cable management, and 15 accessories available, customers can ensure they have the perfect desk experience.

Argosy Halo GE Plus: $4,099.99+ (sit-stand)
Argosy makes incredible workstations, often used by professional musicians and producers. But a some models are simple enough that any working professional could use them. The GE has patented stabilization technology, a large surface, and compatibility with several accessories to make this a great investment. Standing desk height maxes out at 44", which is sufficient for most people, but worth testing out if you're tall. The Base model of this desk is several hundred less, too.

Xdesk Porter: $5,350.00+ (sit-stand)
The Xdesk options are on the much higher end of the spectrum, and they ship in 30-40 days post-purchase, but they pride themselves on putting together some incredibly high quality furniture. The Porter and a couple other Xdesk models have a second level below the main platform, which allows for additional storage.

Argosy Aura 260S-N: $7,349.99+ (sit-stand)
This is one of the biggest and best of all standing desk options out there, with a price point to match. There are two space racks, one on each side, located underneath the spacious desktop. The surface is wider and deeper than most desks, and it has a wraparound design that puts you in the middle. With the ability to sit and stand, it should fit virtually any person's professional needs.

For the remote workers looking for the most bang for their buck, willing to invest in better equipment for the long haul.

For remote workers who don't want to compromise when it comes to their professional setup - or who have the largest stipends to spend!

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