Best products under $25 for remote workers

Whether you've been working remotely for decades or you're just getting started, these products are sure to help you do your best work on a budget.

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For the more cost-conscious remote workers.

Ordered by price, low to high.

Bluelounge CableDrop: $9.95
Proper cable management can work wonders for your home office. If you need to clean up the cords behind your monitors or under your desk, these CableDrops from Bluelounge are incredibly helpful.

Bluelounge MagWrap: $9.95
Another great solution we've used is Bluelounge MagWraps. The flexibility of the bands and strength of the magnets have made these a lifesaver when making a desk look clutter-free. They can be used to wrangle all kinds of cords, whether on your desk or in a drawer, so we'd recommend stocking up on several of these.

Yootech Wireless Charger: $14.99
Having a wireless phone charging stand at your desk is great, especially if you're using your phone for work. It's the best way to stay fully charged and check notifications as needed; this one from Yootech is one of the best values on Amazon.

livho Blue Light Glasses (2-pack): $15.98
Blue light glasses reduce strain on your eyes and help improve sleep patterns. For an inexpensive way to see how they feel (and how different colors look), try one of these 2-packs from livho on Amazon.

Tranesca Selfie Ring Light: $19.99
This ring light from Tranesca can provide flexibility for your lighting arrangement. The flexible holder and clamp allow you to place the light exactly where it will have the most impact. It's made for cell phones, but you can turn the phone holder away if you're using it at your desk.

LuxFit 17" High Density Foam Roller: $17.50
We're not doctors, but we can say that having a foam roller while working remotely is a game changer. Everyone's guilty of getting caught up in work and being stuck in one position for too long. Foam rolling is an easy way to loosen yourself up so you're not feeling stiff all day. We've used this one for years.

OlumiRing by Oluminate: $29.00
This is the most travel-friendly, portable lighting solution we've come across. While it's smaller than a lot of O-Ring solutions, it packs a punch for being able to fit easily in your hand. Works well for video calls from your phone, too!

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: $22.99
One key to a better home setup is raising your screens - ideally to eye-level - to prevent slouching and a sore neck. And when raising screens higher, it helps to have a separate mouse and keyboard from your laptop, especially if they're wireless. At less than $25, this is a perfect solution for even the most budget-conscious.

MOFT Laptop Stand: $24.99
If you've worked remotely, you know looking down at your laptop screen can be straining. Whether you work off your laptop alone, or with additional monitors, bringing the screen up is a smart way to improve your posture while working. MOFT has a full line of stands and similar products, and this stand is their most popular item.

Yeti 10oz Coffee Mug: $25.00
At Remote Source, we're big fans of Yeti coffee mugs: they keep your drink warm for far longer than a normal mug, and they even come with a magnetic slider on top. While they have larger options, this will do the trick for your standard morning cup.

For the remote workers looking for the most bang for their buck, willing to invest in better equipment for the long haul.

For remote workers who don't want to compromise when it comes to their professional setup - or who have the largest stipends to spend!

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