Best sweatpants for remote workers

We polled hundreds of remote workers to discover the sweatpants they wear to make their workdays as comfortable as possible. These brands are listed in order of most submissions received from our audience.

For the more cost-conscious remote workers.

Outdoor Voices

The reigning champion of our official poll, Outdoor Voices, has the most comfortable sweatpants around, the All Day Sweatpants. They work for everything from running to yoga to sleeping. Add in others like the Sunday Sweatpants and the Pickup Sweatpants and you'll find pairs that make any occasion as relaxed as possible.


Alo is known worldwide for yoga apparel, but we wear Alo sweatpants for plenty outside of yoga, too. Plus, they have more sweatpants than anyone else on this list, and most have front pocket zippers!


The company responsible for the widespread adoption of yoga pants also has a great sweatpants lineup. We're partial to the men's ABC line, but there are enough varieties to suit anyone's needs.


A well-rounded activewear brand, Vuori "makes premium performance apparel inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle." They also have tons of sweatpants with pocket zippers. Get 20% off by giving them your email address when you visit the site.

Aviator Nation

If you think most of the brands on here are boring, Aviator Nation might be the pick for you. All their men's and women's designs are bold and bright, sometimes even consisting of large smiley faces. Get 10% off by signing up for their emails when you visit their website.


Priced more affordably than most brands on this page, the sweatpants from Madewell are usually looser-fitting but made from thicker material for a very relaxed feel.

Public Rec

Public Rec's options range from the "Weekend Jogger" designed for comfort to the "Stadium Jogger" for transitioning to a workout. They'll also throw in 10% off if you sign up for their emails.

Free City

This coed brand has comfort-driven styles for what they describe as an "oversized look" with plenty of colors to pick from. We suggest the ones with pockets, which should be a required feature if you're planning to spend $200+.


A brand known for keeping you comfortable in the cold should have a great lineup of sweatpants, right? Both men's and women's sweatpants come in a variety of styles, from colorful patterns to plain colors.

Mack Weldon

What began as a men's underwear brand has branched into sweatpants, and judging by their reviews, they've been successful. The Ace Sweatpants, complete with a side zip pocket, have five stars with over 9,000 reviews.

For the remote workers looking for the most bang for their buck, willing to invest in better equipment for the long haul.

For remote workers who don't want to compromise when it comes to their professional setup - or who have the largest stipends to spend!

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