Best products under $50 for remote workers

For those wanting modest upgrades to their home office or remote work setup, the products below are sure to help. For items at even lower prices, check out the Best Under $25 Guide.

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For the more cost-conscious remote workers.

Ordered by price, low to high.

Bluelounge CableBox: $25.99
Keeping a clean office space is important, and the Bluelounge CableBox is a big help keeping your cords hidden away. It's even made of high-density flame-retardant plastic.

Yeti 14oz Mug: $29.99
You may have seen the 10oz mug in the Under 25 Guide. If you need a bigger cup, this will do the trick, keeping your coffee warm longer than any regular mug. And it comes with the MagSlider, which helps to prevent spills - perfect at home or on the go.

Anker PowerCore Slim 18W Charger: $29.99
If you have to carry a charger around in your pocket, this is your best best. 18W charging is one of the fastest options available, and this bank is about the size of most cell phones. Consider pairing it with a short charging cable, like this option for iPhones for $8.99.

iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard: $32.99
We like this bluetooth keyboard because it's affordably priced and it has different key labels for Macs and PCs. This gives you one less cord to worry about, and it will work with your laptop if you have to change brands for any reason.

LIPETY 13-inch Ring Light: $33.99
Smaller ring lights are great because of portability and flexibility, but if you know you'll need one to keep at your desk, a 13" one might be a better option. More light means better quality video calls, and the ring shape will help reduce background shadows.

Monitor Stand by Inbox Zero: $33.99
Get more storage and keep your desktop clear with this monitor stand. Ergonomic guides always suggest keeping your eyes at eye level with the top of your monitors, so this can help keep you sitting up straight and comfortable while working, too.

Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo: $34.99
This option is a price level above the least expensive wireless keyboard and mouse combos, but it provides much better ergonomic comfort, with a palm rest on the keyboard and an ergonomically-shaped mouse.

Uplift Desk Tablet Stand: $38.00
A tablet stand is another way to help keep yourself sitting upright instead of hunched over, if you're frequently using your tablet. That said, you could probably get away with using this as a laptop stand too - we may or may not have done so ourselves!

Logitech M590 Silent Mouse: $39.99
This mouse is surprisingly quiet. If you're working around others at home or coffee shops, or working while you're on calls, this is a great way to avoid creating more background noise.

Fully Stand Mat: $49.00
If you have a standing desk, especially on hardwood floors, you know that standing for a while can be taxing on your feet. This is the best value we've found on these standing desk mats, from one of the best standing desk companies out there.

Anker PowerCore Charger: $49.99
This charger plugs into the wall like any other, but when it's unplugged it becomes a portable charger. And it's fast, getting the latest iPhones to go from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Whether at home or traveling, this charger is perfect for remote workers.

For the remote workers looking for the most bang for their buck, willing to invest in better equipment for the long haul.

For remote workers who don't want to compromise when it comes to their professional setup - or who have the largest stipends to spend!

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